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Camera Lens



How it started

From a very young age, I would always have a camera in my hand. I never really knew why I was capturing these moments. I just knew that I needed to capture them. After many years of filming, saving, deleting, and filming again, it was time to learn the art of editing.

And it was at that moment, I realised that film is much more than just reliving the moments you've lived. It's about creating a story with those moments that can entice others to want to share them with you. Being a videographer unlocks the powers needed to do just that.

About me

I'm a husband to Heidi, a dad to Oliver, and our little Jack Russell, Daisy. 

I like playing golf, albeit not very well. I used to play basketball at a high level - damn injuries! I love going on adventures with Oliver. I work and live for holidays!

I always wear a hat, unless I'm at a wedding. I am covered in tattoo's - Heidi is a tattooist so its not my fault.

I love people and I'll talk to anyone. So drop me an email!

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